Pnina Ben-Daniel   Paintings / Etchings

I believe painting and writing are on the same platform, due to their nature of being done in solitude. My work is about paint, color, nature; it is a about the love of life and celebration of life in color and black and white.

The medium of my choice is oil paints,charcoal drawings, etchings. My artwork is in someway an extension of poetry and Greek art. I believe the Greeks had established the basics of what we think is beautiful today.
Traveling extensively to Greece I learned to appreciate Greece art.

Living in Israel in the Northern Galilee after many years of living in Los Angeles I learned to appreciate nature. I walk every day for miles in olive groves, grape groves and un visited trails - I am always surprised to see man's hand all over.

My work is about passion to nature, life, longing, beauty.

I wish for the viewer to see my love of life through my work, to appeal to the young and to the old. My best critics are my twin daughters, I believe the untrained have a fresh eye to see what unique, special and real, some thing special that we adults lose over time.

I spent many years after graduating from school working as an Art Director, teaching, painting, raising my daughters and researching painting.

Etching on watercolor paper